Why should I wear a backwarmer?

A backwarmer will keep your back warm while working on your backbends. They are used by contortionists, ballet dancers and gymnasts during stretching and working on their overall flexibility, but mostly backbends. Some gymnastic schools even require wearing them during their lessons, especially for children and youths.
To bring faster progress and to prevent injuries, you should keep your spinal muscles, joints, ligaments and fascia warm with a backwarmer.
Circular movements together with warmth makes your joints become smoother and ready for deeper backbends. 

A warm back is a happy back!

It is better for your muscles to stretch if  they are 1 or 2 degrees above your usual body temperature. This is particularly important for the small, delicate muscles of the lower back, which are prone to tightness, bruising, cramping and possible injury when engaging in deep backbends (or even little backbends if your back is just getting used to that range of motion).

Also for poledancers?

Yes, it is especially for pole dancers! Even if you’re not doing any flexibility training, this can be helpful in terms of keeping your body temperature stable during workout. 
A backwarmer can be handy for pole dancers, who typically wear very little clothing in order to grip the pole. That is for example during a cool down sequence of the class. The moment when the body gets very warm and start sweating, it will cool down easily without proper clothing. This can cause muscle strains and injuries.
Not letting your body cool down too fast after your pole exercise prevents soreness and helps muscle recovery. If you need more grip on the pole, simply roll your backwarmer lower, or take it off. It takes just few seconds. But actually wearing it during your next class ,will make big difference on how you are going to feel the day after.

For the aerialist...

Backwarmer can act as a protective layer while doing your exercises on the hoop, silks or trapeze. MiiWear Backwarmer Velour edition are little bit less stretchy then models made from lycra, but they slide less and provide thicker layer of protection. They are more likely to stay on the right place to protect your body from bruises and burns. For aerial exercises it's very important to keep your back warm, even if you are not very flexible, because most of the poses and movements are done in your maximum range of motion. And of course, warmth helps your body get further in the movement, be more flexible, and make your moves look prettier.  

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