Backwarmer DeLuxe Red Velour


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All MiiWear backwarmers are double layered for keeping you properly warm.

  • Inside layer is made out of high quality 4way stretch cotton, which has the function of absorbing sweat while keeping the  body temperature stable.
  • Top layer is made of Velour DeLuxe which is smoother and thicker than our regular velour collection, creating even better isolation.

Keeping your spinal muscles warm with a MiiWear backwarmer during working on your back-bends, brings better progress and prevents injuries.
Not letting your body to cool down too quickly after your exercise prevents soreness and helps muscle recovery.
Backwarmers can also act as a protective layer while practicing on aerial hoop, silks, rope or trapeze. Backwarmer should be mandatory in sports like pole dance, aerials, rythmic gimnastics and others that requires backbending practice. We would also recommend wearing backwarmers for yoga or pilates as the warmth can help releasing abdominal and pelvic tensions.

Small: Bust 70-78 cm, Hips 85-90 cm

Medium: Bust 80-87 cm, Hips 92-105 cm