MiiWear at World Pole Sports Championship 2017

MiiWear was very proud to be part of this year's World Pole Sports Championship 2017 in Netherlands.
This was the first opportunity to show the international pole comunity what we have to offer. Our vending spot was right in the middle, between all other popular brands and I can say we were very surprised to receive lot of attention and positive feedback of our products. Next to all our beautiful handmade backwarmers in more than 15 different colours, we also presented our newest article, the ultimately most comfy pole sporty strings. Underwear that was specially designed for flexible and sporty girls. Description of them with explanation why we think they are so amazing, you can find in our webshop. 

But back to the topic, our experience with IPSF was more than positive. It was really exciting to see all the athletes competing. I even met some of my pole idols in real life, like PinkPuma, or the world's most talented junior Olga Trifonova. And I just couldn't resist giving them the opportunity to pick a free backwarmer from us as a gift. I was really excited that they liked it very much! Olga told me later, that after wearing it around all day, it helped her to get rid of stiffness and pain from the previous day. I couldn't wish for better feedback.

The athlete that amazed me the most, was 15 years old Dutch junior Zoë Timmermans. She won the category of Ultra Pole, which was a pole battle style of competition. Making the athletes going face to face against eachother. Zoë was absolutely amazing and to make sure that she can keep poledancing and share her talent with the world for many more years to come, she also could pick a handmade backwarmer from us to protect her back. Heart-warming was her reaction on social media, when she said how much she loves it.

As I'm very passionate about flexibility, poledancing and I'm dedicated to spread knowledge about safety in these disciplines, I spend all 3 days talking to athletes, visitors and patiently explaining the importance of wearing backwarmers. I was left without voice, tired, but extremely happy. It was overall a great experience for MiiWear. We brought awareness to many people who were not familiar with backwarmers and how it can protect the body and increase progress.. so mission accomplished!

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