I guess you have already heard about backwarmers and all the great reasons why it is good to wear them. But maybe you might be interesting in knowing why they came out so suddenly and why everybody is wearing it today.

Well, safety in every sport developed in time and it is known that humans unfortunately tend to learn mostly by their mistakes. In this case mistakes would be different kind of injuries in sport. When it comes to pole-dancing, only about 10-15 years ago, girls were already performing floor-work and exotic moves, but nobody thought about the impact it might have in the future for their knees. In the beginning of my pole career myself I ended up in a hospital with swollen painful knees. And nowadays? Every exotic pole-dance class requires to wear protective knee pads. Yes, it is not just a fashionable article that makes you look cool but hey, it serves it's cause.

When we look for example to some other sport, lets say Ice Hockey. Around 1920's when this sport came out as international competition, clothing was mostly protecting players from cold weather. Uniform contained shorts, high socks, gloves and t-shirt. It was only in 1979 that helmets finally became mandatory for all NHL players, because obviously in history countless ugly injuries had happened.

In gymnastic schools, many teachers and trainers were already working with backwarmers and did recommend them to their students for safety reasons, especially during back-bending practice. But because there were no clothing companies producing them, parents from young gymnasts were knitting them themselves or simply made it by cutting off an old pullover or thick t-shirt.

Pole-dance as a sport went through long period of evolution. Before it was all about the power tricks and dancers were training for those dead lifts, handsprings and flags. Now almost every dancer I know has Rainbow Marchenko on their dream-move wish-list. Most pole-dance studios used to put much bigger focus for example to leg flexibility practice over backbending. But as the demand for back flexibility training increased, it has been added to stretching lessons.

Contortion and back bends are quiet heavy for your spinal muscles, so be gentle to your body and advance slowly. Be aware about your limits and never push through pain. Practice regularly and under surveillance of experienced trainer, and always, ALWAYS do a proper warm up. And last but not least, learn from mistakes of others and protect your back with a backwarmer.

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