MiiWear is a young Dutch brand, that propose handmade sportswear for Yoga, aerials, pilates, stretching, gymnastics and contortionists.
MiiWear is a company owned by Michaela Chamradova, also known as Michaela Aerial. She is an international performer passionate in pole, aerial hoop, hammock, acrobatics and is originally from Czech Republic.
Using her many years of experience as a performer and knowledge of the human body, she became an experienced teacher giving workshops being booked through whole Europe. 
She is very passionate about flexibility, stretching techniques and safety when it comes to contortion. A personal injury during her aerial practice in 2016 made her search deeper into the subject of safety and gave her inspiration to create MiiWear backwarmers. MiiWear is trying to raise awareness about the importance of proper clothing to prevent injuries, by providing personalized and likable handmade backwarmers. They come in many different colors and styles, so that each person would find the one that he would enjoy wearing.
MiiWear backwarmers will keep your spinal muscles warm during working on your backbends, brings faster progress in your flexibility development and prevents injuries.
Not letting you body to cool don too fast after your exercise prevents soreness and helps muscle recovery.
If you're interested in booking Michaela Aerial or any other experienced professional for giving workshops for pole dance, pole flow, exotic pole, aerial hoop, hammock, silks, floor-work, contortions or flexibility, please contact MiiEntertainment at info@miientertainment.com.
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